HCC-Embedded Flash File Systems
HCC has been developing embedded file systems for more than a decade and has a highly optimized range of file systems designed to meet the performance requirements of any application.  Using HCC file systems will make your application more reliable and will help to protect your customer’s data. HCC file systems can be seamlessly dropped into any environment to support any storage media, RTOS, compiler or microcontroller.
Five highly optimized file systems
Each file system is finely tuned to provide the best performance for its intended environment. With full support for traditional FAT and Flash systems, developers can choose a system optimized for flexibility, performance or resource-limited environments.
Extensive target media drivers:

HCC collaborate closely with the industry’s leading storage suppliers and can provide support for almost any flash device or storage medium. We routinely supply drivers for everything from simple USB pen drives and SD cards, to the most advanced NAND and NOR flash.
No-compromise fail-safety
HCC has developed truly fail-safe file systems that guarantee the highest possible data integrity.

All of HCC’s FAT-compatible file systems can be used with NAND and NOR memories in conjunction with our fail-safe Flash Translation Layer, SafeFTL, which acts as the driver and provides wear-leveling, bad block management and error correction.

Conventional FAT file systems are not fail-safe and often experience difficulties when common problems such as power loss or unexpected resets occur. Corrupt files can sometimes be corrected using ‘check-disk’ but this requires manual intervention and often-valuable data is lost. Product quality and performance can be seriously undermined by this kind of problem, but using a robust fail-safe file system from HCC can eliminate the threat. When used in a correctly designed system, it will guarantee that data will always be consistent. Our file systems are transaction-based but permit single file operation without reference to the rest of the system. In order to ensure the maximum integrity, our media drivers are also designed to provide fail-safe behavior. We have some of the industry’s leading experience in this area; why not talk to us about how to implement your application in the most robust way possible?
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