HCC-Embedded's USB Host Stack is a full-featured host stack designed for embedded applications.
HCC-Embedded USB Host Stack
HCC-Embedded USB Device Stack
USB Host
HCC’s USB Host stack is a scalable suite that enables an embedded host to control a variety of USB devices including pen-drives, printers, audio devices, joysticks, virtual serial ports and network interfaces. The embedded USB host stack supports EHCI, OHCI and non-standard USB controllers.
USB Device
HCC’s USB device stack allows developers to integrate USB device functionality into their embedded devices. It is available with a comprehensive suite of class drivers that gives the device many functional possibilities, including operating as a pen-drive, virtual serial port, joystick, audio system or a network card.
On-the go acts as a switch between the USB host and device stacks, determined by the state of the ID pin. In many cases, OTG software is not required. HCC provides the hooks for this configuration as standard with the EUSB host and device stacks. HCC also provides a full software OTG stack that supports the SRP and HNP protocols for negotiating between two connected devices in order to decide which one shall operate as the host.
HCC-Embedded On-The-Go
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