Micrium's ÁC/USB Host includes the following features:
* Small footprint
* High performance
* ROMable and scalable (to reduce footprint)
* Use with or without commercial or proprietary RTOS
* Easy-to-use API
* Outstanding documentation and source code included
* Extensive test cases and test harness to verify stack integration
ÁC/USB Device includes the following features:

* Speed - Supports full-speed (12 Mbit/sec) and high speed (480 Mbit/sec) controllers. Better transfer rates are available with high-speed controllers, yet most platforms do not reach theoretical maximum (approximately 50 Mbytes/sec). A high- speed controller should provide an order-of-magnitude performance increase over a full-speed controller on a comparable MCU/MPU.
* Memory Footprint - ÁC/USB-Deviceĺs footprint can be scaled to con- tain only the features required for the application at hand.
* Real-Time Kernel Support - ÁC/USB-Device can be used with or with- out a Real-Time Kernel.
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* Start/Test Application - Simple target test applications are provided for all USB device classes, in all significant configurations. For bulk, mass storage, and HID classes, simple Windows applications are included, constituting an end-to-end demonstration of USB functionality.