The world's smallest ARM9-based embedded computing platforms with Linux pre-installed, complete with device drivers - ready to go!

Artila Matrix-604
WinCE 6.0 ARM9 Box Computer with 1x LAN, 4x COM, 2x USB ports

    WinCE 6.0 computing platform with file system
    CPU: ATMEL AT91SAM9G20, 400MHz
    Flash: 128MB, NAND type
    SDRAM: 64MB
    Failover mechanism against system crash
    Ethernet: 1x, 10/100Mbps
    COM: 4x RS-232/422/485
    USB Host: 2x, USB 2.0 compliant
    USB Client: 1x USB 2.0 compliant
    Power input: 9~48VDC, 300mA@12V
    C/C++ Libraries and Run-time included
    Supports Microsoft .NET Compact Frameworks 2.0

Artila Matrix-500 series
Linux ready-to-use ARM9 box Computer, 5 models with
    CPU: ATMEL AT91RM9200, ARM9-core, 200 MIPS @180MHz
    OS: Linux 2.6.x pre-built
    GNU C/C++ tool chain included
    Memory: 64MB SDRAM, 8/16MB Flash
    Graphical Display 144 X 32 pixels, 18 X 2 lines (520 only)
    Storage: one SD memory card slot inside to 4 Gbytes
    Digital I/O
    Power input: 9~48VDC, ~300mA@12V

Linux-ready ARM9 with 1x LAN, 4x TTY, 2x USB ports Matrix-510
Linux-ready ARM9 with 2x LAN, 8x TTY, 2x USB, 21x GPIO
Linux-ready ARM9 with 2x LAN, 4x TTY, 2x USB, 21x GPIO
Linux-ready ARM9 with 4x LAN, 4x TTY, 2x USB, 21x GPIO
Linux-ready ARM9 with LCM, 2x LAN, 8x TTY, 2x USB, 21x GPIO

Industrial Programmable Automation Controller with 16x isolated digital inputs and 8x Darlington-pair digital outputs.
    Linux 2.6.x computing platform with file system
    180MHz ARM9 CPU, 32MB SDRAM and 16MB Flash
    16 opto-isolated digital inputs
    8 Darlington-pair digital outputs to drive external relays
    Two 10/100Mbps Ethernet ports
    One RS-232 port and one RS-485 port
    Two USB 2.0 host ports for functionality expansion
    One SD memory card slot for storage expansion
    GNU C/C++ tool chain for Linux and Windows
    9-40VDC input range

M-501 System-On-Module
Linux-ready ARM9 Embedded SoM with
    ATMEL AT91RM9200 CPU, 200MIPS @180MHz
    32MB SDRAM, 16MB NOR FLASH memory
    One 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interface
    Two USB 2.0 Host ports
    One SD (secure digital) interface
    Four 921.6kbps UARTs
    I2C (Inter-IC) bus
    I2S (Inter-IC Sound) bus
    One transmitter and one receiver
    SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) 
    32x general-purpose IO (GPIO)
    8-bit local bus (A0-A7, D0-D7), with 4x chip selects
    Small footprint, only 80x50mm
    Ultra low power consumption, less than 2.5W
    Linux 2.6.x OS is pre-built, supports file system
    GNU C/C++ tool chain is included

M-501 Starter Kit
Evaluation Kit for M-501 Embedded SOM
    One M-501 embedded module and carrier board with:
    One RS-232/422/485 line driver, RJ45 connector
    Three RS-232 line drivers, RJ45 connector
    One RJ45 connector for Ethernet
    Two USB host connectors
    One USB client connector
    Two 20-pin headers for 32x GPIOs
    Status LEDs for Etherent port and serial port
    Power input circuitry (9~48VDC)
    GNU C/C++ Tool Chain CD and documentation
Product Line Brochure (pdf)  Installion Guide (pdf)
iPAC datasheet (pdf)  iPAC User Guide (pdf)
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