IAR provides completely integrated kits for the development of embedded applications based on ARM7/9, Cortex or MSP430, Colfire and AVR32.
The latest release from MICETEK is the EV44B0II board with the S3C44B0X 16/32-bit RISC ARM microcontroller featuring:

Boot Flash: FUJITSU 1M X16bit 1EA (support half-word size )
SDRAM: 8 M x 16bit SDRAM support
LCD connector and Touch panel Interface
Two-channel UART
Ethernet interface(10M&100M)
USB Interface IIS Interface: Speaker & Microphone
4*4 keyboard Interface
Boot Loader Download

PowerPC Products Catalogue (pdf)

Each kit contains a development/evaluation board, software development tools with sample projects and a hardware debug probe or emulator.
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